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We have been around for two years now

We were and are building this directory (more like a quality internet library because we rejected aprox. 65.000 websites up until now) on the hardest submission policies possible. No other web directory has so strict editors (well maybe DMOZ :) )

In the past, we had created some submission guidelines. Now we have updated the previous ones. Please do go and read the new submission guidelines. Reading them, you can find out why your website was rejected, and you can spare us the time we allocate to answer the hundreds of e-mails every day.

We also appreciated the help of people who linked to us, either trough banners or text links. See how YOU can help too.


This Internet directory is based on the FocalMedia directory platform, is built in PERL, uses MySQL and we have plans in the future, to develop a custom directory, in which editors can join and edit their own category.


The directory is currently hosted on it's own (single) hosting server.


A small history :


08 February 2005 - We launched Webxperience!, a totally free Internet library of websites, edited by humans.


23 November 2005 - We have 34.342 rejected websites, and 4123 approved ones.


27 January 2006 - We just got included in DMOZ in the Internet: Searching: Directories category.


13 February 2006 - We were removed from DMOZ (notice the date). We still don't know the reason.


15 February 2006 - We have a larger pool of editors, with most beeing current or former DMOZ, Skaffe, Joeant and Illumirate editors, so quality is a must for us.


13 May 2006 - We completely removed all Pharmacy and Gambling related categories (altough they were just for informational websites).


4 June 2006 - New layout is in place, with the help of Victor Stanciu (thanks man, your work is great). We also did some usability tests, with the help of about 5 persons (we still haven't addressed changeable font sizes, but we will do that in the near future). Logo designed by Lucian Slatineanu (bad ass designer). Our search function is powered by Google.


4 June 2006 - We now have these stats : 73598 total submissions, 6107 included websites, 4036 pending websites.


6 June 2006 - All our pages are XHTML and CSS valid now. We highly recommend the to all Internet Explorer users. No more spyware and crashes and unlike Internet Explorer, Firefox understands web standards. It just WORKS.


09 July 2006 - Webxperience! gets a new, more powerfull, upgraded backend administration panel, and turns paid. We do not offer any free submissions anymore, because of the enormous amount of spam we received. Aaron Pratt covered Cristian in an interview which included some issues regarding Webxperience!


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